Ace easy hi/lo

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 14968)

Easy but fun hi/lo routine with 3 self-reversing 32 count blocks. Hardly crossphrased at all. Explanations for moves with * after each block, lead leg and counts in ().

Block 1

* Start turning towards left wall on count 6 and walk away on 7,8

** Step, knee lift facing left wall, turn forward when lifting and walk towards the right wall on counts 3,4, repeat mirrored

*** Facing left wall, V-step forward, V-step backwards, on count 7,8 turn 3/4 over left shoulder to end up facing forward (if turning proves too difficult just use the knee repeater to slightly turn back front)

(Repeat left lead)

Block 2

* Start as an ordinary grapevine but continue moving to the side, cross right behind on count 2 and in front on count 4, then step to the side and do a double hamcurl

** Step out right/left count 1,2 then three small steps right/left/right on count 3 & 4, like a chassé/cha-cha-cha but in place, bend knees and go low on 1,2 and lift the body on 3,4 to feel light

Block 3

(Repeat left lead)

* "Egyptian arms" with step touch, use the same side arm as leg, flex the wrist, fingers together pointing up, thumb side to the body, palm towards "the middle". Make a circle movement with the arm, start at the waist, move out/up/in to end in front of the chest, first right then left, end with palms together and elbows out to the sides. With step together x 2 keep palms together and just shift the arms left, right, left, right at the same time you twist your lower body right, left, right, left, upper body facing front the whole time. Looong explanation for an easy arm combo - just think about the people in ancient Egyptian wall paintings.. ;-)

** Step right foot to the side, kick/point left leg to the right in front of the body, point out to the right, pull the leg in and lift the knee to the side, raise opposite arm and lift the body high

*** Slide to the left on count 1, step back on right foot slightly crossing behind left count 2, step left in place count 3 and step right foot to the side count 4

Hope you like it and can use it, if anything is unclear, please email me with your questions!

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