Double the Fun!

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 14972)

I got some motivation this evening to create 4 combos for double vertical step. Enjoy! Please email with questions.

          ***    ***
          ***    ***
          ***    ***
          ***    ***
         HOME    AWAY

In parentheses are "home" and "away" abbreviated H and A, and the counts.

Beginning on the west side of the Home bench, facing north, right lead.

Combo One:

(Repeat left lead)

Combo Two:

(Repeat left lead)

Combo Three:

(Repeat left lead)

Combo Four:

(Repeat left lead)

*Squat with right foot on away bench, exit on top of bench. Now squat with right foot on right side of away bench and left foot on away bench, exit right.

**Knee lift, exit behind bench so the bench is vertically in front of you

***This is like running in a circle except you are running on the benches as well. Run up and forward on home bench for 2 counts, exit and movie to away bench facing the back for 2 counts, run on away bench facing the back for two counts, run back to where you started for 2 counts. If you don't like it you can always replace the half L and basic with an 8 count move and have them run just around the home bench.

Let me know if anything doesn't make sense!! Thanks!


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From: Pennsylvania (USA)
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