Lethal Leslie 327

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14979)

Still bored at work. So here's some more combos for ya. Enjoy.

Combo 1

Over & toes (8): an option for a repeater knee, start at left corner, up on top of the step right left (1,2), right foot to floor on north side of the step (3), right foot taps step and left foot is on the floor (4), right foot back on the floor and left foot on the step (5), hop right foot on the step and left swings out to side (6), exit back left right (7,8)

Combo 2

Combo 3

Chasse over with a turn (3): right lead facing the back at the north east corner, right foot up on the step (1), left foot up on the step & right foot up slightly turning to face the front (&), right foot to the floor on the south side & left foot lifts (2), left foot to floor on south side slightly towards left corner and right lifts slightly (3)

L-step tic box cha cha cha (8): I think I got this from someone on this site. Can't remember who, thanks anyways. Left lead at right corner, left foot up on step and end (1), right knee up (2), right foot taps the floor (3), right foot to the step & left foot swings out to the side at the same time (tic, 4), left foot crosses over the right foot to go to the floor (5, box), right foot to the floor a little wider beside the left foot (6), cha cha cha to the left corner (7&8)

Combo 4

*After the repeater 2 you walk towards the back corner, you mambo and turn back to the step and step hop on the floor. Your option is to do a mambo cha cha cha towards the step.

Tap tap 1/2 orbit (6): the tap tap is two double time toe taps (1,2), then you just do a 1/2 an orbit home. Orbit - same as revolving door.

Combo 5

*An option for an orbit, to make this harder, is to do a weave over the step and cha cha cha on the floor, you should be facing the opposite corner and you do it again.

Any questions or comments please feel free to email me. I hope I explained everything o.k..

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