Celestial Naviagation

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14985)

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site. I have appreciated all of the contributions-song ideas, drill ideas, ways to include class participation and motivational cues.

Here is a cycling ride with a celestial navigation theme. I like to have a focus for each ride-I tell them to focus on being smooth and fluid (goes with music theme). I then continue to use cues to help them focus on being smooth and fluid throughout the class.

I also have included some notes about what I do for each song. These are SUGGESTIONS ONLY. Of course, every instructor has their own interpretation of each song. I am using Johnny G terminology for the most part. My resistance scale is from 3 to 9,where 3 is for warm up and cooldown and 9 is for a heavy climb.

If you are not interested in any ride suggestions, here is the song list for a short copy and paste:

For those who want some ride suggestions, here is a longer version:

1. (Warm Up) Don't Cha Wanna Ride-Joss Stone [3:31]
Seated flat with light resistance (3), use this time for intro, stretching upper body while on bike

2. (Flat/Standing Flat or Run) Fantastic Voyage-Lakeside [4:03]
Increase resistance to working Seated flat (4). Standing flat/run (add resistance if needed) for 30 seconds two times throughout song.

3. (Seated Climb) Starry Eyed Surprise-Paul Oakenfield [3:42]
Start with a resistance of 5 and add resistance every minute.

4. (Standing Climb) Drops of Jupiter-Train [4:21] Do not add resistance at first. Then add resistance every minute. Take a cadence check to make sure they don't have too much resistance at the end (bad for the knees).

Another idea for songs 3 and 4 is to use a hill drill that I learned from www.turnstep.com (THANK YOU!). It's important that they add resistance in even increments. For this song, there are three loops, and each loop starts with greater resistance. This is for intermediate/advanced spinners only.

Sart with seated climb for about 1 minute while explain loop.
Loop: Seated climb (30 seconds); Add resistance, Seated climb (30 seconds); Add resistance, Standing run on a hill (30 seconds); Add resistance, Standing climb (30 seconds); Remove resistance (1 or 2 increments), Sprint down hill, First time is usually a standing flat/run with hands in 2 and cadence between 80-100 bpm.
2nd Loop: Do not touch that resistance-Seated climb (30 seconds); Add resistance, Seated climb (30 seconds); Add resistance, Standing run on a hill (30 seconds); Add resistance, Standing climb (30 seconds); Remove resistance (1 or 2 increments), Sprint down hill, Now there should be enough resistance for a standing sprint with hands in 3 and cadence about 80 bpm.

Repeat loop one more time and then hold seated climb at end.

5. (Seated flat/fast jumps/standing flat or run) Someone to Call My Lover-Janet Jackson [4:32]
Decrease resistance to 4. I sometimes start with two 8 count jumps just to cue them about focusing on controlled, smooth movements, i.e. glide up and glide down. My loop (following the music) is seated flat, 4 4 count. jumps, 16 2 count. jumps, standing flat-which I repeat three times. Of course, you can cue them to jump at their own pace and hold for 3-5 seconds (in the true Johnny G way).

6. (Seated Flat/Standing Flat or Run) Magic Carpet Ride-Steppenwolf [4:27]
I modify for multi-level class. For advanced spinners, I have them add resistance to their flat to keep their heart rate up-see below.

Start with the same resistance as previous song (4), Seated flat, Advanced- Add a little bit of resistance and hold Seated flat; Standing Flat or run for 30 seconds; Seated flat, Advanced-Add a little bit of resistance; Standing flat/run for 30 seconds; Seated flat, Advanced-add a little bit of resistance. I have the Advanced spinners move their hands out to 2 to stabilize. They are able to keep their heart rate up with the additional resistance.

7. (Seated/Standing Climb) Learning to Fly-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers [4:02]
This is what I do. Could just keep it at seated climb.
1st minute-add resistance to ~ 6-7, Seated climb; Add resistance, Seated climb (1 min); Add resistance, Standing climb (1 minute); Add resistance, Standing climb (1 minute).

8. (Jumps on a Hill) Fly Away-Lenny Kravitz [3:41]
You may need to remove some resistance if you want to stay on the beat because the beat is a little faster than a normal climb. I do 3 loops.
Loop: Seated Climb; 2 count. Jumps on a Hill, Standing climb

9. (Seated Flat/Standing Flat/Breakaway Sprints) Launchpad-Particle [7:17]
I have everyone reduce the resistance to 3-4, slow down cadence and recover at the beginning of this song.
The music has natural breaks/changes.

I have them add the resistance back on to ~ 4 when music picks up.
I repeat the following loop three times (it's a long song):
Next music change-Standing flat or run-30 seconds. Back to seated flat.

At 3:54 (music), have them hold easy seated flat (slower candence) for about a minute. Then, we do two 30 seconds. Breakways sprints (advanced spinners) with recovery in between. I cue beginners to hold seated flat. I cue intermediates to add resistance, put hands in 2 and increase cadence for 30 seconds during the Breakaway sprints.

10. (Seated climb/standing sprint) I'll Take You There-I use a Powermusic remix-but many versions of this song are readily available[4:10]
Add resistance for heavy slow Seated climb (the Powermusic remix is 125 bpm). If resistance is heavy enough, then no resistance change is needed for standing sprints. I usually do about 3 Standing sprints on a hill for 15-30 seconds., depending on level of participants.

11. (Standing climb and then reduce resistance and increase cadence) Back to the Earth-Rusted Root [5:27]
Start with standing climb with no increase in resistance; Add resistance 2 times so heavy (9) at end of hill (after 3 minutes); Take off resistance (to about 7) at about 3 minutes-music will start to speed up- Standing sprint on a hill-(15 sec); Take off some resistance (6)-Standing run on a hill-(15 sec); Take off some resistance (5)-Standing flat or run (30 seconds); Seated flat (30 seconds);
Standing flat or run (30 seconds); Seated flat (till end of song).

12. (Seated flat/standing jog, cooldown, stretch) Everyday is a Winding Road-Sheryl Crow [4:17] Reduce resistance, Seated flat; Add a little resistance and take to standing jog on the chorus; Seated flat; Take off resistance slowly; Stretch upper body on bike. Can also just skip this song all together and use Moondance for cooldown.

13. (Stretch) Moondance-Van Morrison [4:32) Stretch off bike, usual leg stretchs and some back stretches.

14. (Stretch, background music as people clean up) The Long Day is Over-Norah Jones [2:44]

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