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Thank you all for the great ideas! Sometimes I get so burned out and need something fresh. I can always count on your ideas to re-light that fire. I hope you can use some of the following choreography. It is all 32-count self-reversing, but not completely tap-less due to some L-steps. Lead leg is given before the move and the bench is horizontal.

Combo 1

Repeat combo with left lead basic

*Double squat pop-over: facing right, step on top of bench left and right, like you are going over-the-top (1,2), then do a quick double squat with the left foot on the floor, right foot still on the bench (3,4,5,6) and on count 5, pop yourself to face front again (like a reverse revolving door) with a weight transfer to the left foot on count 6 (not a hop turn), and step down facing opposite direction with opposite leg leading (right) to do the same on the other side (7,8)

Combo 2

Repeat combo with left lead L-step

*Knee-shuffle repeater: instead of a 3 knee repeater, you can do this move. It is a knee lift to the corner right lead (1,2), step down with the left foot behind to start your shuffle on the floor as your right foot is still on the bench (3), switch your feet quickly twice as you shuffle with one foot on the bench and one foot on the floor behind (4,5), with your right foot on the bench again, lift your left knee (6) and step down (7,8).

Combo 3

Repeat combo with left lead starting the add-on repeaters around the world

**Add-on repeaters around the world: just like single knee lifts around the world but every time you do a knee lift, add one on. So, it is knee to the corner (right lead), straddle down (1,2,3,4), 2- knee repeater (left lead), exit, turning around to prepare yourself to step up on the other end (5,6,7,8,9,10), 3 knee repeater (right lead), straddle down (11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18), 4-knee repeater (left lead), exit, turning around to prepare yourself to step up on the other end (19,20,21,22,23,24, 25,26,27,28)

Combo 4

Repeat combo with left lead kick to the corner

*Mambo triple: after exiting from your kick to the corner (1,2,3,4), step into a mambo with your left foot, crossing over on the floor behind your bench (5,6) almost like you are traveling to the other corner of the bench but do it on the floor just past the corner. Then, do a triple-step (cha cha cha-left, right, left) to bring you back for your right lead L-step (7,8)

**Overturn: also called a revolving door. Step up left lead like your are going over the top (1,2), step down on opposite side of your bench with your left foot (3), turning your body to face the back wall as you step down with your right foot (4), preparing yourself for the left lead ham curl to the back wall corner. Basically, it is like you are going over the top but you are turning your body around as you exit so there is no tap and you stay on the same lead.

Combo #5

(this combo flows nicely and is a lot of fun. I know that it seems like a lot of ham curls, since you finish combo #4 with a ham curl and start this one with 2 more but it is kind of a nice brain-break to help you reset)

Repeat combo with left lead ham curl to the corner

*Triple step brings you back: just that triple step or cha cha cha (15,16) to bring you back to your bench so you can do the revolving doors.

**Chase': it is just a cha cha cha or triple step with your left lead and your back is to your bench (25,26), then do a small quarter turn to face your bench into another cha cha cha or triple step with your right lead (27,28), moving you around the short end of your bench.

Combo 6

Repeat combo with left lead stomp the corner

*Weave-over-the-top, mambo triple step: for the weave-over-the-top, you step up left lead as if to go over the top (1), lift the right knee up (2), cross the right foot down to the floor on the opposite side of your bench (3), place your left foot down on the floor next to your right foot (4). Then step into your mambo with your right lead, doing your mambo away from your bench (5,6), and the cha cha cha brings you back to your bench (7,8) as you turn your body slightly to prepare yourself for another weave-over-the-top with the left lead.

WOW! That's it! I hope it all makes sense. This profile is a lot of fun as it just flows so nicely! The moves become more familiar as you revisit some of them as you go. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I just ask that you make mention of this combo in your subject line so I won't mistake it for spam.

Have fun with it and a fun challenge would be to make it tap-less by substituting the L-steps with something else. Any ideas????


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