Rock On! (Sonia's #43 I/A)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 14988)

Horizontal step with a side approach. 32 counts, tapless, self-reversing. Choreography is at the end. Email questions/comments.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Combo 2

Repeat left

Combo 3

Repeat left

*Step hop over the top (right lead, facing west):
1,2) step up right and hop on the right, small hamcurl left
3,4) step left on top and hop on the left, small hamcurl right
5,6) exit the front side of the step right/left keeping your left side to the step (NO TAP)

**Rock across (right lead):
1,2) step up right and hop on the right
3) rock forward onto the left foot, right foot pulls up
4) rock back onto the right foot, left foot pulls up
5,6) hopturn off the end of the step pivoting on the left foot
7,8) exit the narrow end right and are now facing east

***L-mambo (right lead):
1) step right at the left end
2) transfer your weight to the left foot off the left corner on the floor...right pulls up
3) rock back onto the right foot, left pulls up
4) rock forward onto the left foot, right pulls up
5) right foot steps up on the end of the step
6) left knee lift
7,8) exit home left and right
NOTE: counts 3/4 are a back mambo.

****Charleston ski (left lead):
1,2,3,4) Charleston 1x - on count 4 the left foot is lunged back and the right foot is forward
The last 4 counts are done on the floor (cross country skiing aka running man)
5,6,7,8) switch feet placement 2x (slow ski) or 4x (fast ski) - end with left back and right forward

*****Walk-about (right lead):
1) step the right foot to the left corner, left pulls up
2) step the left foot forward off the left corner, right pulls up
3) step the right foot to the left corner again, left pulls up
4,5) walk home left and right
This movement is as if you were going to walk over the left corner and then change your mind.
Repeat it with a left lead at the right corner.

******Power squat & turn (left lead):
1,2) squat to the step left foot on top, right foot on the floor
3,4) as you lift from the squat propel yourself straight up turning in the air to face the opposite direction
Repeat with right foot to step and turning back to start position

Whewie! Hope I didn't miss anything.

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From: Texas (USA)
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