Intermediate Double Vertical Step

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 14990)

H    A
O    W
M    A
E    Y

Begin at left corner of home step, right leg lead:

*Waterfall repeater: (1) step up right (2) lift left knee (3,4,5) tap toes back, front, back on floor (6) lift left knee (7,8) left and right down to floor (lead-changer)

**Skip to my Lou (thanks, Psychostepper!): (1) step up right (2) left knee lift, hop on right foot (3) step on left foot to far end of bench (4) right knee lift, hop on left foot (5) step back on right foot to near end of bench (6) left knee lift, hop on right foot (7,8) return to floor, left and right (lead changer)

What makes this a little tricky (but not impossible) for my class members is the part where we face the back for the walkaways; careful cueing is needed (walkaway to the fountain, walkaway to the mural) and a little practice, but now they are pros.

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From: Turin New York (USA)
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