Glutebusters (who ya gonna call?)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 14991)

Step is vertical, begin at back left corner:

Combo One

Combo Two

Intensity options for Combo Two: straddle low and jump the abductions, change march/straddle to four two-legged hops back

Combo Three

Intensity options for Combo Three: Replace the whole shebang on time with a 60 second interval of rear lunges, three levels of intensity (1) tap toes back (2) lunges back, arms high (3) plyometric lunges to the rear

*Walkaway right: from left corner of vertical step, (1,2) diagonal right and left across the step (3,4) walk away from the step on the floor (5,6) pivot turn (7,8) walk back to the step. You are now facing the back of the room.

**Right extension rocking horse: (1) step up left (2) extend right leg back) (3) right leg to floor (4) left knee lift

***Single side squat left: (1) step up right (2) extend left leg to side and tap the floor, slight squat on the right leg (3) bring left foot to floor behind step (4) bring right foot down to floor. This is a lead-changing move.

These three combos weave together really well. Questions? email me with the word "turnstep" somewhere in the subject line.

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From: Turin, New York (USA)
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