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Hi all, Thanks for all the great ideas! I hope you like these patterns, they weave well together.

Combo 1 (assume right lead, this is the finished product)

Combo 2 (assume left)

Combo 3 (assume right)

Combo 4 (assume left)

Combo 5 (assume right)

Now for the detail:

*Weave to back - If my class is not comfortable working facing the back this can be modified to a hop turn to the front

**Reverse lunge - This again can be done on the front of the bench as I stated in the above as a regular lunge (assume left) it would be left foot up, right foot up, left foot lunge back tap the floor then back in place on the bench, right foot lunge back tap the floor then back in place on the bench, exit left, right. For the reverse it is very similar to a reverse turnstep your left foot would still be the first up only it would go to the right side and turn in then bring your right foot beside it on the left side so you are now facing the front of the room then you lunge back as with the regular (I hope this makes sense!)

***Up & squat - This is pretty easy I have them march 6 up 2 down to start then demo it for them (assume right) step up right,left, hop out to a squat legs wide, hop in and hop once more then exit right, left (so up, squat, hop, hop, down)

****Boxstep turn around - Some people have a hard time with this one so here goes from the straddle position assuming you have just finished the beginning of this combo your left leg will now come on the bench and your right will wrap around the end of the bench landing on the other side (back) your left will swing from behind turning in towards the bench bringing you around so your right leg can land facing the back of the bench about center. Then you are able to go into the repeater with your left leg. It is just quick so sometimes you will need to let them practice it a bit.

I hope this works for you please feel free to email any questions or comments


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From: Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
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