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I want to thank everyone that has submitted to this website. I feel all our efforts on this site has produced a better class for all. Hope you have fun doing this routine. Please email me with any questions. Jodi, Your, "Pumping in Tampa" friend

Combo #1

Repeat on left

Combo #2

Repeat on left

*Turnstep into double rock = do a regular turnstep, on the fourth count bring your knee up, then do 1 hamstring on bench, back to floor with another knee up. It's the opposite of the horseshoe move. Now your left knee is in the air to go to

** Humpty, straddle, turn = left foot on bench (1) right foot steps on groung (2) left foot steps over bench (3) right foot steps on ground (4) then turnstep. Remember right foot stays on right side of bench.

Combo #3

Repeat on left

Combo #4

Right leg leads...right foot on bench (1/2 count), left foot on ground 1/2 count) (Right and left together is 1 count. It's a quick little step) do 2x's (2x's is 2 counts). Walk forward left foot, your on the ground, walk forward right foot (3,4 count) pivot on ground. (Pivot is 4 counts) Repeat on left leg.

Combo #5

Repeat on left leg

Combo #6

Repeat on left leg

**Reverse that skate = First I cue doing 2 hamstring repeaters. Then I cue 1 hamstring repeater and 1 skate step, (all on bench, step on right end with right foot, do hamstring with left,left step, right hamstring, right step, left hamstring, exit). At the end I cue a reverse skate. Instead of the right foot landing on the right end of bench, the right foot goes to the left end of bench as I turn to the back, left hamstring, still facing back of room I do another left step, right hamstring. With the next right step I turn back to the front of the room with left hamstring, and step off the bench.

Combo #7

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