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Hello everyone!!!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful submissions and ideas. I have borrowed from you a lot so if you see something below that looks familier, thank you. One of my New Year's resolutions is to submit more to this wonderful site. So here we go.

The way I teach is as follows: I teach all the moves that will be in the a 32 count combination. When they have all the moves I have taught I put the moves together into a 64 count combination and when everyone has that, I break that down into a 32 count combination. As they learn a new one and it is broken down into 32 counts, I put them together "from the top" with the previous combinations they have just learned, and by the end we have 4-5 combinations that flow back to back, doing each on the right lead and then left lead. They can also be woven together meaning doing one combination on the right, the next on the left and so on.

I know some prefer to teach in 64 count only, I am going to put both the 64 count and 32 count of each combination. The larger number to the left is the 64 count and the smaller to the right of the step counts is the 32 count

Combo #1

* Step left on bench, lift right knee, walk back 3 steps, lift right knee again (off the bench)

Combo #2

** A more advanced option would be what I call knee, squat, tic, toc. It's a knee around the end, 2 pulse squat on end, then tic-toc on the end and you are ready to go across the top

Combo #3

Combo #4

* Double knee walk behind: step up left, 2 knee lifts, walk back behind step and end up leading right

** U-turn is a tiny turnstep - I add a hop with a small kick out to the side with the right leg as I turn - if you don't like either of these options you can do a regular turnstep. Only do reverse turn if you feel comfortable with having your back to the step.

I hope I explained everything well enough and that someone out there can use this!! Please feel free to email me with any questions.

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