Renee's Step #2

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This is only my second posting. It should blend with my first one as well as your own I ran out of time on my first one (had to get to class) so it was short. I'll try to make up for it. Thanks everyone for the great ideas.

Combination #1

Part 1

Part 2

Reduce and blend

Repeat leading with left basic

*Walk through- (I call it walk through) over the top switch direction come back over the top so your facing the other corner and changing leads.

*** After a few times through I give the option to change the two mambos' to: I call it" mambo triple back". Mambo right lead on step (1,2), triple step or chase' (3,4) back at angle to back of room, mambo left (5,6) triple or chase' back toward step (7,8) then right into walk through.

*** Or change the mambos to 1 mambo 1 pivot turn.

Combination #2

Part 1


Part 2

Reduce and blend

Repeat leading left on front of step

*Stomp 2 push over- Stomp the box with leg close to box 2 times then push off the step to go over the top

Combination #3

Repeat leading left off right corner

Combination #4

Part 1

Part 2

Reduce and blend

(Repeat left lead)

* Scoop turn: facing left side of room right leg by step. Step up right with a hamstring curl, step left leg on top of step with a right hamstring curl, while turning toward right side of room, step down on floor right, left do 1 jack. I cue: "scoop, scoop, down and jack." Have them clap on the scoops.

*Hip hop: starting left lead. Left foot step on step lift right knee, right foot down tap two times, tic tock (right leg comes to the box as left leg swings out, then left leg to box right leg swings out) Step down right left. I cue it "step knee, tap, tap, tic tock, get off." You can use any four repeater you like ;o)

I teach combination #1 ask them if they are ready to add on, then add the next combination. Start from "the top" and keep asking and adding.

You can email me with questions or if you would like more combinations. I've been teaching for over 15 years so I have quite a few step, double step, interval, kickbox combinations.--

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