Just a Little Push

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Hi I thought I would submit a total cycle 1 hour class. This has been long time overdue...any questions please email. This is very aggressive as I teach high level of participants and a racer myself so reduce to level of your style and participants.


Snow on the Sahara - Kyria (warm up) standard 4.19


Latin Dance Mix Club Latino (2-4% grade of hill) 3 songs in the whole song. Start seated, vertical on next song. Standing flat to finish cadence 95rpm thoughout the length of song 5.23


Don't Stop - Ayla (speed) Start them at 15 seconds work load to 15 seconds recovery. Increase workload 15 seconds every interval...recovery always 15 second. This is not an all out sprint, cadence should be around 115. 6.18


My Loving - En Vogue (climb) Should feel 9% grade cadence 85 rpm. Last one minute of song increase grade to 10%. This song will run into next song 4.42


Pretty Life - Jackalope. From previous song levels every 60 second hill sprint for 10 seconds off the saddle please.. then back on saddle, then repeat every 60 seconss. 4.47


Rumours - Lindsay Lohen (dig and slide) Just create variations in each position and use the beat of the music to change body position. Resistance tell them they are in mud in the dig each 2 intervals, make the mud get deeper so higher resistance 3.46


Crazy - Aerosmith (recovery or flat road) Cadence should stay at 95 rpm 5.44


Rave Mix - XXX Keep cadence at 115 rpm whole song 2.52


Melt With You - Modern English (nasty climb) level of grade start at 10% grade on saddle to 2.1/2 minutes...11% grade for the last 2 minutes of the saddle they should be crying for their mothers 5.44


Tocas Miracle - Fragma (speed work again) Need to go down the hill...30 seconds work load, load recovery 10 seconds increase workload 15 seconds each time 5.0


Weekend - Scooter (jumps) Cadence at least 110 rpm, vary the jumps I will say up, down, up, down, up hold there then down, up, down up, down hold there etc etc create different patterns 3.38


When You Say Nothing At All - Alison Krauss (cool down) 4.11


Love Scene - Joe (well deserved stretch) 5.20

As you will read that there are not alot of recoveries use you judgement here please. Email if you have any questions.


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