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You know we all have that competitive streak that just won't die! My spinning classes really like this. When they first come in and get set up, I tell them to get with a partner and put their bikes next to each other. As we are warming up, I tell them to decide which one is going to be group #1 and Group #2. They'll have to remember those numbers for later. About half way through the class (or more towards the end if you prefer) we start the speed play. It goes in 30 second intervals and you can do as many as they can handle. Group 1 goes first, group #2 just rides.

Group #1: sprint for 30 seconds count your cadence.
Instructor calls out "Switch"
Group #1 tells partner their number and just rides

Group #2: sprint for 30 seconds try to beat your partners cadence.
Instructor calls the switch, Group 2 tells partner their cadence, and Group #1 tries to beat it.

There is no break. Except for when your partner is going. This can go on for a long time. It's really fun, but watch out for those competitive ones!!!

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From: Deer Park, Texas (USA)
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