One 64 or Two 32's...whatever floats your boat

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Since there has been so much discussion on the Moves board about 64s vs 32s...I decided to make it easy...I will first write out a 64,,,then if you would rather have two 32's...just take the first half of the 64 as your Combo #1, and I will tweak the second half to work as your Combo #2...they each flow one into the other...


1) V-slide/ hip shake: fun move!!! This is like a hangover V right into a partial grapevine on the floor, but you change your mind and come back to the bench... step wide left and right, with the left foot on bench, and the right foot on floor (1,2); step behind the right foot with left foot, then step out to right side with right foot (3,4); step in place with left foot, then step in front of left with right (5,6); with left foot on bench and right foot on floor, shake hips twice, or just shift your weight (7,8)!

2) Curb walk: 4 stomps with the left on the step (1,2), one over the step (3,4), one on the step (5,6), and a rock back/front on the floor left right (7,8).

3) Charleston ski: do a full charleston kick, then ski 4x on the floor. If you want, you could do 2 charleston kicks instead.



Take the first 32 counts from the 64 count above.

Combo #2: leading right

Have fun!


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