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Each of these 3 parts is 64 counts and self-reversing. Lots of cross-phrasing, especially in Part 2. No taps, except for the Tap & Clap in Part 2, which isn't really a tap in the traditional sense of a tap change.

Part 1

* Split V = just like a regular V-step except you do it near the tip or short end, so your first foot goes up on the top of the step, and the rest of your footwork is done on the floor. So it's up, down, down, down in the shape of a V-step.

* stomp 2 & 1 = do a double stomp in one corner (3 counts), travel to the other corner (2 counts), and do a single stomp and exit (3 counts).

Part 2

* Put on the brakes = thanks to DEG for this one. It's a stomp, then jump and switch feet to stomp the other foot, then switch again to the original lead leg for the ensuing basic. So it's like starting to do a basic, then changing your mind real quick and switching feet, then switching again for the basic that does come after it. If someone doesn't want to jump for any reason, they can do either a basic or a regular mambo with NO cha cha.

* Triple switch = a repeater knee, but exit off the front of the step.

* Rock off the tip = a double stomp, but move your second foot (not the lead leg) to the side of the step, rather than behind it on count 2. So it's stomp up, out, up, down down in an exit, switching to the opposite corner, then do it again.

* Funky L = L-step, squat down to the side of the step, box step, cha cha. Up knee (1-2), squat the non-lead leg out to the side with the lead leg still on the step (3-4), box step with the lead leg (5-6), cha cha to switch lead legs (7and8).

* Tap & clap, rock back = you can do any alternating move instead of a tap, but I just liked saying "tap and clap!" to the class. So we did an up, tap (EEK! A TAP!! haha) while clapping our hands above our heads, then exit and rock back in a little half-mambo. Up tap (1-2), down (3), rock back in a half mambo (4-5). Then stay in that same corner for the 3-count stomp.

Part 3

* Corner kick/glute = a Cathe Friedrich move. So simple, and yet so fun. (I know, I'm weird.) Do a regular kick, and switch your lead leg, but stay in the same corner to do your glute squeeze. Then stay in the same corner for the first ham curl before switching to the other corner for the second ham.

* Quick shotgun = a wide squat with 1 foot up on the step and the other foot on the floor, at the tip or short end. Like a power V-step in that you jump and land both feet wide at the same time. You can either face front or face on a slight diagonal toward the back corner of the room (a little easier). So you jump and land both feet at the same time, the lead leg up on the step and the other leg on the floor (land on count 1 and stay for count 2), then exit the move with the non-lead leg first and switch to the opposite corner (3-4).

* Reverse skate = just like a regular skate (3 ham curls on top), but it's easier and more logical to face the back of the room when doing it here because it follows the stomp, and your body will be closer to the non-lead leg's side. Even though you do it facing the rear, you still exit off the back of the step to face front when you're done.

I sure hope this makes sense! If not, feel free to email me. Good luck, and happy stepping.


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