Easy vertical double step (part one)

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14850)

H       A
O       W
M       A
E       Y

Combo ONE

Right lead (from left of vertical step)

Combo TWO

Starting at left side of home step:


Start at left side of home step:

*Bob and weave: Walk around the front end of the home step and around the back end of the away step, end up facing the far side of the step. Advanced can add a spin on counts 4 and 5.

**Ping pong kicks: "Ping pong" simply means you are between the home and away steps and kicking from one to the other. (You can do most moves ping pong style in double step.)

This is a good introduction for beginners to double step. Depending on the ability level of members, this can take a long time to break down, and there are no really tricky moves.

These three combos also weave together really well.

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