New Year, New Step (Advanced, Tap Free)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 14853)


Here's my latest, explanations to follow:

Advanced, step
Tap free
Mild crossphrasing where indicated
64 count self-reversing, total 128
Assumes a right lead

Combo I (Crossphrased)

Total 64 counts

** V-knees (borrowed thank you) step up right foot in a V pattern (1) step up left foot (1), bring right foot in toward left while lifting the left knee (2), put left foot back down on bench, while lifting the right knee (2), with right knee up in air, you can now start a split back, two back lunges, right and left (2), step down to floor right and left (2), total 12 counts

*** These 3 go together, its 2 V-steps, 4 hops on the floor moving backwards, then on the floor mambo pivot, to bring you back close to the step. (Borrowed, thank you).

Combo II (Crossphrased)

Total 64 counts

*** Charleston ski - Carole's move, like a normal charleston either add 4 fast or 2 slow ski's on the floor.

**** Figure 8 is a repeater anthing taken around the small end of the bench, into a straddle. Therefore from the straddle you will start the revolve. a Revolve is a tap free over the top, over and turn

***** 1/2 Rocking horse done in center of bench, curl, knee (4) with knee in air, forward pivot (4)

Combo III (crossphrased)

Total 64 counts

*** Ricochet, step up right, side approach (1), step up left (1), touch right foot on floor on North side of bench (1) bring right foot back to bench (1), step down left and right (2), the jack will complete the phrase and give you a lead change.

**** Chugs, also called, stomps, peg leg and probably other names. Chug or stomp the bench twice cross over. To take out the tap don't forget to turn around (revolve) when you cross

Combo IV (Crossphrased)

Total 64 counts

*** Reverse V-step, like a regular V-step, but you turn so that your back is to the step. Step up right foot in left corner (1) left foot in right corner (1), turning as you go. Now you are on the bench facing the back wall. Step down on North side of bench right and left (2)

**** Stomp around the world. Stomp, straddle (3), stomp, travel (3) stomp straddle (3), stomp travel (3), single anything will complete phrase and change leads.

***** Walk the bench, step up right (1), left (1), step down on North side of bench right (1) and left (1). Bench is now behind you

****** Weave - tap free over the top, step up right (1), cross left foot behind right (1) and exit to floor on north side left and right (2)

Thanks to everyone who recognizes their stuff. I enjoyed borrowing it and teaching it.

If you have questions, email them to me.


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