Ace's hi/lo from the past

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 14861)

Hi/lo - an oldie

64 count, self-reversing and mildly crossphrased, explanations below when indicated.

Ready to repeat on left lead

* Optional arm combo on the V-step - count 1 box your arms diagonally, right arm goes up/right and left arm goes down/left, on the "and" count fists meet in front of the chest, count 2 reverse arms, left up and right down, count 3 arms out to the sides and "wave" like your jumping ropes backwards, count 4 clap hands behind your back.

** Completes a full square with the four forward marches, grapevining takes you back to where you started. Start going to the left, on the hamcurl on count 4 turn 1/4 backwards to face right wall and move to the back of the room with grapevine right, turn 1/4 forward on hamcurl to face the back of the room.

*** Jump slightly to the right side on right, kick/push left foot forward leading with the heel, keep body low with bent knees and pumping, reminds of a boxer jumping ropes and "jump ropes-arms" go well with this move.

Have fun and email me any questions!

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From: (Sweden)
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