Sonia's Connect The Dots Routine V (Step, Strength, Drills)

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You need a step (horizontal set up) with choice of risers and weights heavy enough to fatigue in 16 reps.

The first move in each combination is connected to the last move of the previous combo. Each strength and drill is connected to the combo preceeding it (within the same set). Combos are 32 count, tapless, and self-reversing. The combos are recovery from the drills so modify as needed. Right or left designates lead foot.

This routine was put together for Guinevere! Hope it works for you.

*Set 1*

Dot A: Combo 1

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength and Balance

Step or floor: 16X, alternate lead knee lifts with bicep curls. 4 counts to lift and 4 counts to lower (128)

Dot C: Drill

16X, L-Steps - mix up the style - make them intense (128)

*Set 2*

Dot A: Combo 2

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength and Balance

Step or floor: 16X, alternate lead hamcurl with overhead tricep. 4 counts up/4 counts down.

Dot C: Drill

8X, Up right/left, lunge alternately 10x, exit right/left, 1 hamcurl repeater (128)

*Set 3*

Dot A: Combo 3

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength and Balance

Step or floor: 16X, alternate lead kicks with front lifts. 4 counts up/4 counts down (128)

Dot C: Drill

8X, Run run 2x, 1 rocking horse (128)

*Set 4*

Dot A: Combo 4

Repeat left

*Boardwalk: With 1 foot on the step and 1 foot on the floor just march forward 4x. Like 2 easy stomps moving forward aka peg leg.

Dot B: Strength

On top of the step: Step up as for counts 1 and 2 of the diagonal walk, right lead. This puts you in a split stance. Lean forward slightly from the hips and execute 8 or 16 double rows (counting either 4 up/4 down or 2 up / 2 down). Exit the step and step up as for left diagonal walk. Again, leaning forward slightly from the hips. Execute reverse flyes 8x or 16x. (128 plus 32 for transitioning).

Dot C: Drill

16X, Diagonal walk with a jog or shuffle around the end (128)

To really up the intensity try doing 2 scoops across diagonally (4), down with no tap (2), 3 jumping jacks (6), jog/shuffle around the end (4) - (16 total). Do 8x for 128 counts.

My class is loving this format. I hope you can use this too. Email me any questions.


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From: Texas (USA)
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