Working your Figure (Eight)

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Hey Everyone! I love this site and use it often! I have been teaching since June and have gotten so much better because of all of your help!!!

I watch a ton of Cathe videos also to get ideas, so if the patterns look familiar, it is because of all of you, and Cathe, so thanks so much for all of the insight!

Here we go...

All patterns start right lead and can either be weaved together or repeated on the left.

Pattern One (first 16 counts)

Then, move into the second half of pattern 1...

Pattern 1 (second 16 counts)

So the full pattern is this:

Pattern 2:

So, pattern 2 is:

Pattern 3:

So, pattern 3 is:

Pattern 4:

Pattern 5:

As mentioned before, I do the arabesque repeater around the world as the last pattern. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

I hope you have fun with this one. As they say, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so if you recognize any moves that I may have "borrowed", then hopefully you feel flattered!!!!

To all of you who are new - keep going, it only gets better. The "regulars" in my classes now, are the ones who were the most frustrated with me when I first started. The best feeling as an instructor is when everyone is doing the moves together and then they start to hoot and holler! It is an amazing thing to bring fun into fitness for people..... The best advice I have ever received though, is "You are not there to entertain... you are there to teach. Don't just go up to the front of the room and show them how well you do the moves, break it down so they understand them, and the class will love you for it".....

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