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Combo 1 (32 counts self-reversing)

BOSU Interval 1

*Either repeater the 16 count combo facing back, or use the repeater to rotate back to facing front (adds more power)

Combo 2

Repeater tap front: left foot on bench (1) right knee up (2) right foot on floor (3) tap left foot in front of bench (4) step left foot on bench (5) lift right knee (6) exit (7,8)

BOSU Interval 3

Combo 3

Up and out, 6_count mambo, exit: right foot on bench (1) left foot on bench (2) step right foot out wide (stay on bench) (3) step left foot out wide (4) right foot rock back off bench (5) shift weight back to left (6) step right foot back out wide (7) rock back on left (8) shift weight back to right (1) step left on bench (2) exit bench (3,4)

Walkaway Joe: Step left foot on bench (1) lift right knee (2) walk left foot back (3) walk right foot back (4) step left (5) lift right knee (6) walk right, left to step (7,8)-also referred to a karate knee

BOSU Interval 3

Combo 4

Mambo side, shuffle up and straddle: step left foot on bench (1) shift right foot to side of step (2) rock back on left foot (3) step right foot on floor (4) shuffle or triple or cha cha on top of step turning to face right wall, left right left (5&6), straddle down (7,8)

BOSU Interval 4

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