Sonia's Strength & Endurance I (Complete Class)

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Step with no risers, heavy and light weights (heavier weights and lighter weights than what they would usually use in a group fitness class), small ball or stability ball, Sprie band or dynaband tied in a circle. All the strength work is done with the heavy weights and sonsists of compound moves. The endurance work is done with the light weights, and each move is done separately (i.e., no weights on the lower body move; no compound moves unless indicated). Several sets incorporate balance as well. Reps are suggestions only...adjust as needed for your class.

Use a warm up that targets all major muscles and mimicking the moves to be used. Flex, extend, and rotate the spine. Use dynamic stretches only.

*Strength 1

8x Standing behind the step with your heavy weights, arms out at shoulder height and bent to 90 degrees, palms forward (pec press positioning):

Start at 1/2 tempo (4 counts each part) until they get the movement pattern as this requires a little coordination! Alternate the foot that is stepping up. This part gets a few laughs!

*Endurance 1

1 - 2 minutes: Variety of squats using no weights - vary the tempo. Try this: As you squat move the hips right; return to center standing up; squat with hips left, return to center, etc. Upper body stays square to the front. Anyone with knee problems should keep the squat in the center only and modified as to depth of squat.
16x - 32x Pec Presses - again, vary the tempo.

*Strength 2

From the top of the step: step the right foot forward on the floor. Lunge down and up - 4 counts down/4 counts up. At the same time do biceps curls with heavy weights. Switch sides and repeat. 8x each side.

*Endurance 2

16x on each lead - walking lunges or lunges in place on the floor - 4/4 count.
32x Variations on biceps curls.

*Strength 3

Step up right, left toe points softly and rests on floor. Slight forward total body lean. Execute glute squeezes with double arm rows 8x. Really stress the squeeze of the glute muscle, encouraging them not to kick the leg up. Bring the left foot lightly on top and lift the left knee up/down as you do overhead presses 8x. Switch to left foot on top right leg working glute with rows and knees with overhead presses 8x. May repeat sequence if necessary.

*Endurance 3

On the floor: place bands around the ankles and do alternate glute squeezes, mixed tempos.
Stand still and do 8 double arm rows (leaning from hips) alternated with 8 overhead presses (standing upright). Repeat as needed.

*Strength 4

On the floor: with bands/dynabands around the ankles and heavy weights execute alternate hamcurls with overhead triceps or triceps kickbacks. 4 counts up/4 counts down. 8 - 16 reps each side.

*Endurance 4

On the step: 16x: 2 single hamcurls and 1 repeater hamcurl.
With light weights - overhead triceps 8x-16x, tricep kickbacks 8x-16x.

*Strength 5

With the right foot on top of the step at the left end do abductor lifts with left leg and lateral lifts with arms 8x-16x. Switch to the opposite end and repeat with the right leg abducting and changing the arms to front lifts 8x-16x.

*Endurance 5

On the floor: With band around the ankles execute alternate abductors 16x-32x. Vary the tempo.
Alternate lateral lifts and front lifts.

**If you need any cool down insert it here before going to the floor. Stretch the upper body here.

*Strength 6

Sit with your bottom near the step and the feet on top of the step, toes up, ball between the knees. Squeeze the ball and lean back from the hips to about 45 degrees. Place hands near your face in light fists (guard position).
Crunch up to sitting by punching right arm across your body, turning to work the obliques (1,2), return to start (3,4). Alternate right and left punches maintaining adductor squeeze. Execute 16 punches on each side. Caution - do not do if you have lower back problems. Have them lay all the way down and just do regular oblique work.

*Endurance 6

Lower to supine position, feet still on the step, ball still between knees. OR place feet on top of ball if using a stability ball.
Do a variety of weights.
Remaining in supine position with ball between knees do adductor squeezes varying the tempo. May place feet flat on floor or on step, or lift to 90 degrees.

Push away from the step. Get on all fours and do opposite arm/leg lifts. Or lay face down and do opposite arm/leg. Slowly and with control.

NOTE: This class will easily fill an hour depending on how many reps you do. If you need to cut it I would skip the abs/back but still do the adductor squeezes.

If you have any questions or comments please email me.


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