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I just used these combination today so they are new, it was a lot of fun. Take your time to break them down. Add a couple of simple combinations that your classes already know so they do not get frustrated or overwhelmed

Combination #1

(Part 1)

(Repeat all leading left)

This one is self-reversing

(Part 2)

This one does not self-reverse

Teach 1/2 of part 1 (right lead), insert part 2 (left lead), then teach second half of part 1 (left lead), then part 2 (right lead).

*Skate on top: 3 (wide) hamstring curls on top and exit, it changes your lead leg. I find I have to count it for them. I cue "Skate, 3,2,1, get off" This was new to my class so I taught it in the warm up.

**Overhang V: turn to the left wall do a V-step with right foot on step the left foot on the floor. I have them hold the regular V-steps while I demonstrate I tell them to join me when they are ready. If they don't like it they just stick with two regular V-steps. I cue "Regular V, overhang"

***T-step: right lead step up, up (stay on top) step out, out (stay on top) step in, in step down. Cue "up, up, out, out, in, in, get off" For the T hop - step up, up, out, out, jump in pop your right knee up and exit down. Cue "up, out, jump knee get off"

For the 1 basic, hop turn face back: I teach 1 basic right, 1 superman, 1 basic left, 1 superman. Then they have the option of the hop turn or not.

Combination #2

Start right lead on the left corner

Repeat on right corner left lead-self-reversing

To teach them to switch feet part, I start facing forward, have them do 4 alternating kicks and 4 alternating superman. Then reduce it to 2 of each then 1 of each then I move them to the corner. Then I'll teach step knee walk back kick. Then we will step kick, step superman, step knee walk back kick (3 times) then add over the top 2 times repeater hamstring curl. Then teach them the walk through add the repeater curl do this a few times, then break down the other side (Step kick, step super man walk back and kick 3x) Then I warn them I'm about to reduce walk back and kicks to just one time.

*Step knee walk back kick: step up with right foot lift your left knee (1,2) step down left, right (3,4), left, kick right leg (5,6), walk forward right, left (7,8). You are walking back at a diagonal

**Walk through: go ever the top (1,2), turn into the step (3,4), come back over (5,6) off (7,8) (same lead leg)

*** Ricochet: on the left lead: step left foot (1), curl right leg (2) tap right leg behind you in front of step (3) curl (4) tap right foot on floor in back of step (5) curl (6) step down (7,8)

These two combinations took me a long time to break down, but everyone was able to do them. Then I add a simple combination one they already know or this one I added tonight.

Combination #3

Switch leads L-step off other corner

* Run up: run up on top (1,2) step down (3,4). So that they don't run off the step I cue-"Run, run, walk, run, run walk"

** I-step: step up, up (1,2) jack on top (3,4) step down, down (5,6) jack on floor (7,8). I cue " up, jack, down jack"

Email me with questions, thanks to all that share your ideas.

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