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Hi folks -

Here are two 64 count blocks. The first one does not change lead, and the second one does, so if you put the two together, the whole thing changes lead. You can get creative on the first one if you want to have it change leads while teaching it - use a lead-changing repeater in place of the "football" repeater, or change the 2 mambo cha-cha's to an L-step or...

"Named" moves are detailed at the end, and alternate layers are given for moves with * by them.

Please email with questions or comments - just please put "turnstep" somewhere in the subject line.

- Sue

First Block (64 counts - does not change lead)

Second block (64 counts - changes lead)

Named steps:

"knee up right + turnback knee" (8 counts, does not change lead): knee right on bench (4 counts.) + knee left on ground facing back/corner of room, as if there were a bench there (note: counts. 7,8 return back to "home" behind bench)

"reverse slingshot" right (8 counts, changes lead): right foot reverses up onto west end of bench + left curl (counts. 1-2, rotating body counterclockwise); left foot down at east end of bench (now completely facing back of room) + right curl (counts. 3-4); right foot down on bench + left curl (counts. 5-6, starting to rotate back clockwise), exit-exit left,right back to "home" position

"overturn" right (4 counts, does not change lead): half of a revolving door right

"3 count. push" right (3 count. move, changes lead): from behind bench, facing forward - right foot up onto bench near left end of bench, (still facing forward) left foot on ground off side/left end of bench, right foot on bench where it was
NOTE: this is done from north side of bench, facing back/south wall, in this combo

"half of push around world" right (6 count. move, does not change lead): right foot "pushes" on bench towards left/west end of bench (facing left/west wall), step left, right in straddle (still facing left/west wall), left foot "pushes" on bench, exit right, left on north side of bench (facing back of room)
NOTE: this is done starting from the north side of bench and moves to south of the bench as used in this combo

"football" repeater right (8 counts, does not change lead): count 1 right up on bench (turn slightly to face left/west wall), count 2 left knee up, counts. 3-and-4 left-right-left on either side of bench in straddle, count 5 right up on bench (turn slightly to face left/west wall), count 6 left knee up, counts. 7-and-8 left-right-left on either side of bench in straddle...and you're ready to go with a right lead move like a knee or a mambo...

"double turnback" knees (8 counts, does not change lead) - like single turnback knee above, but do two in a row to the back, as if there were a bench there, before returning to the bench

"indecision lunge" right (8 count move, does not change lead, starting from behind bench, facing west/left wall) up-up right,left facing west/left wall, 2 x lunge to side right,left, down-down right,left exiting to the north and turning to face the back of the room
NOTE: this actually starts from north of bench and moves to south as used in this combo

Alternate Layers:

Alternates for "four-count repeater" left:

** Can turn the two knees as you move across the bench in a full 360 degree turn - for the right lead version in this combo, the turn will be "forward" in a clockwise direction

*** Can "flip" this repeater over and back, so the intermediate touch down of the left foot is in front of the bench, before returning to the back of the bench to exit into "home" position - NOTE: need to unweight the foot that is on the bench as you do this

**** 2 x V-step right - can do "V-jacks" instead: right foot up on bench wide count 1 , left foot up on bench wide count 2, jacks in-out-in counts. 3-5, right knee up count 6, down-down right,left counts. 7-8

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From: Hermosa Beach, California (USA)
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