Strength & Endurance VII (Step & Weights & New Core Moves)

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We did this tonight in class and it was a great workout. I did some all new core work at the end that they really enjoyed.

Equipment: Step with no risers or 1 riser under each end; dumbbells, 1# - 3# for use on the step endurance, and choice of heavier dumbbells for the strength parts. You also need a sprie band or a dynaband tied in a circle.

BPMS should be 118 - 122 for the endurance on the steps. Absolutely no higher! Slower is best. Only light weights should be used on the step endurance portions. No weigths for newer folks or those with joint problems. Strength or endurance moves done on the floor may be bpms up to 128.

Each strength part takes about 1 minute (128 bpms) and each endurance part takes 3 to 3 1/2 minutes (118-122 bpms). Check carefully that students are not swinging their weights when on the step. If you notice poor form slow the music down even more or don't use the weights on the step! If you choose to not use weights when on the step then up the bpms to slightly higher than you normally use for step on the endurance step parts.

*S.E.T. 1*

Strength: Seated on the step or a chair with feet flat on the floor lean forward slightly from the hips and do 16 reverse flyes with heavier weights, 4/4 count. Cue neutral spinal alignment.

Endurance: Using the step and no weights or light weights. If your right foot is leading then your left arm is working. Do this 32 count sequence 12x (6x on each lead):

Repeat left

NOTE: More advanced students may do the upper body moves bilaterally. The forearms would cross over each other on the mambo forward.

*S.E.T. 2*

Strength: Standing in place do 16 overhead presses with heavier weights, 4/4 count.

Endurance: No weights, but use the step and the slower bpms. Do this sequence through 1x:

S.E.T. 3

Strength: Standing in place do 16 upper body conditioners using the band and a 4/4 count. Grip the band from the inside, palms facing the side walls. The band is level with the crotch. Keep the elbows slightly bent and the shoulders relaxed. Slowly press the hands/arms outward, slowly release, but not quite all the way in. Reps are smooth, continuous and controlled.

Endurance: Using the step and no weights or light weights. Upper body work is bilateral. Do this 64 count sequence 6x:

S.E.T. 4

Strength: Standing in place do 16 french triceps with heavier weights, 4/4 count. For those with shoulder issues cue triceps kickbacks.

Endurance: Do this 32 count Lunge & Ski sequence 12x (6x on each lead), in place on the floor with no weights:

S.E.T. 5

Strength: Standing in place do 16 biceps curls with heavier weights, 4/4 count.

Endurance: Using the step and no weights or light weights. Begin with arms bent at 90 at the waist, hands in front with the palms facing. Do this 64 count sequence 6x:

S.E.T. 6

Strength: Standing in place do 8 reverse rows with heavier weights, 4/4 count, and 8 lateral lifts with heavier weights and 4/4 count. Add 8 crossover rotator cuffs (see description of alignment in the first endurance movement (Mambo) of set 1). Here are the counts:

Endurance: Using the step and no weights or light weights. Weights are down at your side with the palms in. Do this 64 count sequence 6x:

Do a standing cardio cool down, but save the stretches for the end.

S.E.T. 7

Core Strength & Endurance: Place a mat on your step. Lay supine with your legs extended straight up from the hips and feet slightly apart. Your hands are extended straight up above the shoulders with the palms facing. Choice of weights or no weights. Use the slower music.

OPTION: 1-4 as above, hold 5-12, move back to beginning position 13-16. No hold - go right back into pushing the hands feet toward the floor. This is more advanced as it holds the extended position longer and allows no rest at the top.

Note: the oblique moves engage the entire core to keep you in place on the step!

I did some stretching on top of the step. Moved them off by rolling prone then pushed into a downward dog with feet on floor and hands on step. Lowered into a child's pose and a few others before ending.

Hope you enjoy.

Please email any questions or comments. If you try this in class I would love to hear your experience with it. My class loved this workout.


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