n2xrcise's BOSU intervals

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Combination 1

Up kick, front side, 1 knee, 2 lunges side, exit: step up right, left (1,2) kick right leg forward then side (3,4) tap right leg on floor (5) lift right knee (with a little hop to turn to face left wall (6) lunge right (7) place right on BOSU (8) lunge left (1) place left on BOSU (2) exit front facing back right, left (3,4)

Hop up: basic, but hop up on both feet and hold second count

Grapevine mambo cha cha: stomp right on Bosu (1) step out left (2) cross right behind (3) step out left (4) cross right in front (5) step back on left (this is the mambo part) (6) cha cha right, left, right (7&8) - move the cha cha behind the BOSU so on the alternating kness you will be facing front again.

Interval 1:

Up and lunge, singles 8x, doubles 4x, quadruples 2x exit then 3 basics and repeat or 1 basic and a 3 knee repeater to switch sides

Combination 2:

Interval 2:

Start on top: fast feet for 24 counts, big jump squat and hold....repeat as many times as you want or hold squats on top when they need a slight break

Combination 3:

Knee walk back, mambo cha cha up: step right (1) lift left knee (2) walk left, right moving back away from BOSU (3, 4) rock back on left (5) step front on right (6) cha cha left, right, left (7&8)

Walk over, box cha cha: step up right (1) step up left (2) step off the front right, left (3, 4) cross right in front of left (5) step back on left (6) cha cha (7&8) move back and slightly left to face the BOSU looking at the right wall

Interval 3:

Skis, Jumps, Jumps with turns: ski turning lower body side to side, hold the hips straight forward and jump on top, then you can add quarter, and half jumps if you want

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