Lethal Leslie #30

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Assume a right lead, unless otherwise stated. Just three for today. I've been feeling guilty for not posting anything in a while. I know I didn't explain a lot of the things this time, so if you have questions, feel free to email me with them. I typed this in June sometime and thought I had posted it and have been looking for it to show up, but no such luck. So, I'm posting it now.

Combo 1

Combo 2

Stomp step back Elvis knee stomp & exit - just a variation on a repeater knee

Combo 3

* 2 Reverse knees on top & exit to south side (6) - so facing the west wall, right foot up at west corner (1), left knee turning to face the back of the room (2), left foot at east corner (3), right knee facing the east wall (4), exit back to south side right left (5,6)

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