Lethal Leslie #31

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15308)

I'm on a roll, so here's three more. As always assume a right lead, tapless, self-reversing, horizontal step etc etc.

Warm Up

Elvis on top (6) - at west/left corner, right lead, right foot on top (1), left foot on top near east end of step (still facing side) (2), right knee twists in (3) (you are on your right toes), all the weight on your right foot back in place & left foot lifts (4), exit south left right (5,6)

Stomping L-step - option is just to have them do a regular L-step, right lead at left corner, right foot up (1), left knee up (2), left foot to floor but not right next to the step and right foot hovers over the step (3), right foot to the step in place shifting your weight towards the step and left foot lifts slightly (4), left foot back down in place (5), right foot crosses over the left foot for a box step (6), walk home left right towards the right corner (7,8)

Stomp off end and knee back - left lead at right corner, left foot up (1), right foot on floor at right end of step a little wide (2) and left foot lifts, left foot on step again (3), right knee up (4) exit back right left (5,6)

Combo 1

Knee & pivot turn cha cha cha (8) - just like knee on the step and mambo cha cha cha to the back of the room, but you just do a pivot turn instead of the mambo

7 Count over the top - right lead, right foot on top & left foot on top like you are going over the top (1,2), right foot to floor on north side of the step & left foot lifts (3), left foot back on top (4), right foot back on top (5), exit south side left right turning towards the right corner (6,7)

Combo 2

Repeat 2 jog over right corner: left repeat 2 (4) step down left-right moving to right corner (5,6) step over the step left (7) and right foot follows beside left foot (8)

2 Reverse knees stomp box home & stomp (12) - on the north side of the step, left lead, left foot up on north west corner of step (1), right knee up facing the front (2), right foot on top of step (3), left knee up, still facing the front (4), staying at the west end of the step, left foot stomps the floor at the west end of the step & right foot lifts slightly (5), right foot back up on step (6) & left foot lifts, left foot crosses over the right foot and lands on the step (7), exit to south side left right (8,9), left foot stomps the right corner & right foot lifts slightly (10), exit right left (11,12).

For combo #2, you could do the whole thing facing the front to start. Instead of jogging over the right corner you would just jog on the spot and do 2 knee's on top etc etc at the left corner. You could start with this then preview the jog over the corner and give them this harder option for those who wanted to do it.

Enjoy. Email with any questions.

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