Jacque's Spinning Waltz

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15312)

32 counts, reversing, tapfree, crossphrased. Horizontal board.

Repeat beginning with left leg.

* Reverse basic: reverse up (1,2), turning 360 to face front as you exit (3,4) finishing exactly where you started.

** Here's where the fun begins! Not everyone will want to do option 2 because it happens on the floor and you have to think about foot placement without the board as a marker. Some people call this a "Tango" because one foot goes behind the other, but my class already knew "Waltz on top" as a 3 count reverse up move, so I stayed with that term.

Option 1: Reverse up right,left turning counter-clockwise with left foot behind the right. On 3 the right foot returns to the board in the same position as count 1, but you begin a clock-wise turn. Continue the clockwise turn on 4,5 as you exit. Then reverse up left, right continuing clockwise on counts 6,7. left foot down on board on count 8 which begins a counter-clockwise turn. Continue turning counter-clockwise as you exit 9,10. You should end basically facing front.

Option 2: Take this same foot pattern to the floor! Remember you are "reversing" into this, so it begins with a turn to face the back of the room on count 1. On count 2 step behind, on count 3 reverse the direction of the turn to "unwind" and face front on 4,5. Then repeat on the other side with the opposite leg.


Email me with questions or if you'd like my breakdown.


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