Snolle's combi class #1

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15318)

The 3 patterns below were used for a combi class (1/2 step, 1/2 barbell) that I had to sub. I kept the patterns easy and did not combine them since I was told participants of this class would not appreciate that.

A - horizontal bench:

B - horizontal bench:

C - vertical bench: 2xC1 and 1xC2:



Note: Without indication (in square brackets), all moves face North.

Explanation A:

* Knee-tap repeater is basically an L-step, assuming right lead:
(1) right step up
(2) left knee
(3) left exit west
(4) right heel on bench (=tap)
(5) right step up
(6) left knee
(7) left exit home
(8) right exit home

* V-lunge is a V-step up with two alternating lunges down and exit

* Turnstep-curl is a normal turnstep with a leg curl instead an exit on count 4 to keep it tapless.

* Curbwalk-straddle, assuming right lead, facing west:
(1) right step up, travel a bit further to the west
(2) left step next to right foot on the floor
(3,4) straddle right, left

* Superman repeater is a repeater with squeezes and alternating arm movement. Your arms stretched, one arm is up, the other is down, make fists with your hands.

Explanation B:

* Around the world, basically four single step-knees (4 counts each). Assuming right lead, the first one ends in a straddle [West], the second one exits north [South], the third ends in a straddle [East] and the final one exits south [North].

* Curl-kick-mambo is a step-legcurl extended with a mambo, assuming right lead:
(1) right step up
(2) left leg curl
(3) exit home left
(4) right kick
(5-8) right mambo

Explanation C:

* Single-knee, step&floor are two single step-knees. Assuming right lead, the first is towards the east on the step and the second is towards the west on the floor, all face North.
(1) right step up
(2) left knee lift
(3) left exit
(4) right exit next to your left foot
(5) left sidestep
(6) right knee lift
(7) right exit=sidestep
(8) left step next to you right foot

* Over the top knee is a normal over the top with a knee lift on count 4 to keep it tapless.

* Straddle-over-curl is a normal straddle with a legcurl on count 8 to keep it tapless.

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