Sonia's Connect The Dots XIV (plus Abs/Back)

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Vertical step. Intermediate, 32 count, tapless, self-reversing combos. The last move in each set's combo is connected to the first move of the next set's combo. The strength and drills are connected to the combo within that set. Set 4 connects everything together. The abs and the back work take elements from the sets and connects them.

You will also need medium to heavy dumbbells and an optional dynaband tied in a circle or a sprie band. Recommended bpm is 128.

*Set 1*

Dot A: Combo 1

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength

Use the step and your weights, but cut the tempo in half. Arms are lifted to shoulder height with the elbows bent at 90 degrees and the palms facing forward. Begin on the left side with a right lead.

Dot C: Drill (using the step at tempo)

8x: 3 Skipping knees on top 1x, straddle down followed by stepping up and lunging right/left, straddle down (16 counts x 8 repetitions = 128 counts).

*Set 2*

Dot A: Combo 2

Repeat left

*Water Test:
1,2) walk diagonally right/left
3,4,5,6) tap the toes to the floor and up 2x - testing the water temp! Make each tap a little farther into the water so that the standing leg squats slightly
7,8) straddle down right/left

Dot B: Strength (on the floor with dynaband or sprie band around your ankles).

Lift the weights laterally to just below shoulder height. Elbows are soft and weights face forward.

Dot C: Drill

Straddle the step and do football runs for 1 minute. May do these without straddling the step too, just get those knees up!

*Set 3*

Dot A: Combo 3

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength (on floor with band around ankles)

Dot C: Drill (using the step at tempo)

16x: Rocking horse scissor over (128)

*Set 4*

Dot A: Connect all the combos by running through 2x. Connect all the combos by weaving them together 2x.

Dot B: Connect The Drills (optional):

Repeat left

Dot C: Connect the Strength Moves

Go through this series 1x using a 2/2 count, then slow it down to a 4/4 count adding 2 more biceps (or whichever move you want) to finish it up:

8 counts to return to start.

*Set 5*

Connected Abs & Back

Take your step off any risers you may have used. Place a mat on top of the step. Sit on the step at one end with your feet straddling the step on the floor. Squeeze the feet lightly against the step. This will work the inner thighs and help to stabilize you. Lean back slighlty keeping a straight back and tightening the abs and lower back to keep you in position. Hands behind the head and elbows out to the sides. Alterning sides lift the knee and bring the opposite elbow towards it - 2/2 count 16x. You lift and turn at the same time - always returning to the leaning back position in between each move. You are actually moving forward and back slightly with each move. NOTE: Watch for students leaning too far back. They should only be on the bottom part of the sacrum. I had them roll part of the mat up to pad them and to keep them from going back too far.

Now lean back about 1/3 of the way and do 16 crunches center, 2/2 count. The movement will be from 1/3 of the way to not quite sitting up. It is a very small range of motion. Again, watch for too much ROM.

Scoot your bottom forward on the step, place the feet on the floor at the end of the step. Lower the upper body so that the small of the back and the mid back are on the step. Shoulder blades should be lifted off the step; tuck the chin towards the chest comfortably (not touching) and clasp the hands at your chest. Pulse crunch 16x, 1/1 count.

Turn to lie prone on your step. Your head is off the end as are your legs; torso is on the step. Place the hands and feet on the floor at a slight diagonal and do opposite arm/leg lifts being mindful of the neutral neck alignment. Use 4/4 count 16x.

Have fun. Email any questions.


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