Sonia's Quick Change I (Quick Step, Sculpt, Drills)

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The concept of this workout is to change from one section within a set to the next section as quickly as possible. This is achieved by keeping the body moving through a step combo, into a weight move, into an intense drill with quick transitions in between the three.

Each set takes approximately 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 minutes. Try to make any transitions quick; no more than 32 counts. I have given some suggestions for transitions (denoted by ***), but you can do them any way you want! When waiting for the top of the phrase keep the feet moving. I use no breakdown on the step moves, but if your class needs some breakdown the step combos should still be no longer than 2 minutes. Another option is to use only the combo in Set 1 throughout, but changing the basic moves; i.e., do hams, kicks abductors, adductors etc. The combos should be done low impact.

Equipment: vertical step with choice of risers. Dumbbells of choice. Music at approximately 128 bpms. Place your weights on the floor at the front of the step or off to the right front...out of the way, but quickly accessible.

Quick Change Set 1

Repeat sequence, may change the basic straddles to knees or hams or any other basic move. (128 counts total)

***Straddling the step march forward on the floor and pick up the weights; unstraddle and march around the top end to the back and get into position for the lunges - right foot up, left foot back (32)

Clock Lunges on the step (imagine a clock drawn around your step with 12 at the front):
1,2) hop to the top facing 12 o'clock
3-16) split lunge 7x right/left/right/left/right/left/right
17,18) hop on top 1/4 turn clockwise facing 3 o'clock
19-32) lunge back 7x right/left/right/left/right/left/right
1,2) hop on top 1/4 turn clockwise facing 6 o'clock (back of the room)
3-16) split lunge 7x right/left/right/left/right/left/right
17,18) hop on top 1/4 turn clockwise facing 9 o'clock
19-32) lunge back 7x right/left/right/left/right/left/right
Repeat from 1 but use a left lead and move counterclockwise....12, 9, 6, 3.

***Straddle down left/right (1,2)
Hop back 5x (slow) until clear the back end of the step (10)
Pony (cha cha cha) to the left side of the step 4x-6x right/left/right/left, and march to fill the phrase (24)

Quick Change Set 2

Repeat left. Repeat right and left. (128 counts)

***Hamcurl straddle moving forward on the step 3x, squat and pick up the weights, hamcurl straddle moving back on the step 3x, get into position by straddling on the floor (32)

March back getting the knees going higher and higher until you are near the back of the step (24)

*Straddling the step do football runs for 1 minute, get those knees up; during your last 8-16 counts clear the step and football run to the left side in preparation for the turnsteps (128)

Quick Change Set 3

Repeat left. Repeat right and left. (128)

***Walk forward with right foot on the step and left foot on the floor (8), squat to get the weights (8), walk back one foot on/one foot off the step (8), and get in position for the weight work (8)

Change to a chasse and rock back 2x in preparation for the shuffle/jump (8)

1 minute on the floor: shuffle/chasse right and jump or rock back (4), repeat left. (128)

***Shuffle and turn or step touch forward on the floor around the step (watch out for the weights) into position on the left side (right side to the step), step touch in place to fill the 32.

Quick Change Set 4

Repeat left. (128)

***Basic straddle forward on the step 2x, squat slowly and pick up the weights (16) 1/2 tempo basic straddle 2x stepping back just a little on the step (stay near the front) (16)

*Feet on the floor straddling the step squat 4/4 count with overhead presses 16x - may alternate arms (128) On the last squat place the weights on the floor

Using the step, 16x: charleston kick 1x, travel kick 1x (128)...this moves easily into the next combo without any other transition.

Quick Change Set 5

Repeat left. Repeat right and left (128)

***Diagonal walk, squat to pick up your weights and step up on top of the step cueing stance etc., lifting the heels alternately up/down like pedaling, holding to position on 28-32. (32)

***Straddle down, squat to place the weights on the floor and begin tapping the feet alternately on the top mvoing back along the step a little (32)

Straddling the step alternately tap the top - get it going so you are tapping and switching feet at the same time (fast). (128 - 1 minute) NOTE: by the time we got here no one in my class was doing the tap/switch thing fast!

Quick Change Set 6: Cardio Cool Down + More Sculpting

Repeat the combo from Set 1 using various moves - knees, hamcurls etc. for 2 minutes at low intensity. Move to the floor and march, grapevine, step touch etc. for 1 minute.

Put the weights down and go into stretches for inner thighs and standing upper body stretches.

Finish with your favorite abs and lying down stretches.

I'm still working on getting those transitions smoothly in there. We did a little more marching and step touching and not quite all the transitions as I planned them out. Maybe next time!? ;>)

BTW...This got great reviews from the class!

Email any questions or comments! Let me know what you think. I welcome the feedback.


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