A little Boxing Number

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15324)

These moves can be used in between step combinations. I sometimes give my class a break in between step combo's. This combo is sure to keep the heart pumping!

Start combo with a shuffle back and forth. About a 16 count.

#1. Add with shuffle:

#2.Adding on:

#3.Combine both moves together:

Combo 2

Complete 4 sets...


A HOOK is a punch that comes halfway across the chest, and bends at the elbow.

An UPPERCUT is a punch that circles down and vertically up the chest area.

A PIVOT is a movement which involves one leg at a time turning on its toes inward toward the body.

An ELBOW STRIKE is a movement done with wide legs, slighlty in a squating position. The arm bent at the elbow, then striking out right, then left.

A SPEED BAD is a movement done by circling the right arm in the air and then the left done. The movement can be done with travling to add intensity.

A SHUFFLE is a movement done side ways, slightly bouncing back and forth. It's sort of like a sideways jog.

Please enjoy and have fun with this. Give it some flavor, make it your own!

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