Ta Da

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15329)

Ta Da is the name of a move borrowed from Deborah Puskarich. This routine is tapless, fun, 32 count, self-reversing... Enjoy!


Combo 1:

Combo 2:

Combo 3:

Combo 4:

* Like an L-step, but instead of knee, mambo off the edge and bring knee back. Step right on left edge of bench (1), step out to side facing front (2), bring right leg back behind left for a mambo (3), stomp left foot (4), step right back on bench (5), left knee up (6), exit front left,right (7,8)

** Begin with an L-step, right foot on left edge of bench (1), left knee up (2), as you step down stomp left foot on floor and right foot stomp on bench and left on the floor again fast (3,4,5), Cross right foot on bench over left onto floor (6), and walk backwards to front of bench (7-8)

*** Start with a V: right foot on bench, left on bench (1,2) as you step off exit on left edge of bench (3,4) so you are now ready to shuffle along the edge of the bench to the other side beginning with right and ending with left lead

**** Just like the L-Rock box, but cross over on top of the bench so both feet are on top and exit front. Start with right foot on left edge of bench (1), step out to side (2) stomp right foot on top (3), cross left over right (4), and exit front right, left (5,6). To break down, I start with a double stomp facing front + a basic, then I change to a single stomp + basic (6) facing front + double knee and then we practice it off the edge. Finally, I add the cross over.

*****This one is loads of fun and I got it from Deborah Puskarich's Step Expression video. Starting from the back of the bench, step right foot to left corner while turning and doing a ham curl with left foot facing the front of the room. Then step left foot to left corner (because you turned, it's still your left) while turning to face the back of the room and doing a ham curl with right (1-4), jog on top for 2 and exit right,left (5-8). It takes practice, but is easy. Start with 2 hams on top and 2 marches. Then change the marches to jogs. Finally add the turn on top and whala you've got a turning ham curl over the top with a jog.

******* Shuffle forward on bench (1,2) walk forward on floor (3,4) pivot (5,6) walk back to bench (7,8)

Please email any comments/questions. Have fun! :)

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