Calf Busters

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Combo 4:

*Rock around straddle: (I borrowed this from other posting) Begin like a reverse turn; right, left on bench facing the back of the room (1,2). Then lean back with right foot as you lift left foot and step back on bench with left (like a rock) (3, 4), bring right foot back to bench (5) step down left as you rock back off and on bench (6,7) return right foot to bench ending with both feet on top (8) straddle down (9,10) then go to the double lunge and exit (6) Total: 16 counts.

For the breakdown, start them with a basic lunge from the front. Then add the rock still facing front and end with a double knee. Then try it from the edge of the bench (step up facing west and rock back right, left on the east edge) then exit front, double knee. Finally, try it off the back of the bench by telling them to go over and rock around (turning as they rock (counterclockwise) to end in a straddle)

**Mini Mambo on top X2, Elvis: Starting from a straddle, just do a mambo on top with right foot and return to straddle position (1-3), then do a second mambo with left foot, but exit out of it to end at home (4-6). Elvis can also be a double knee. For Elvis: stomp on edge of bench (1), step out to side (2), twist knee on top in and out (3,4) while outside leg is stable (weight is on the outside leg), then switch weight to leg on bench and swing outside leg behind (5) to front of bench and exit (6).

***Boomerang: This is like the rock around, but instead of rocking you are just lunging. 1/2 Reverse turn on top (1,2) and lunge back right, left (3,4), then turning to face front, double lunge (5-8) and exit (9,10)

It takes a little bit of practice, but it's tons of fun and they are sure to love it! email feedback or questions. Best of luck.

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