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Hi step instructors! I haven't submitted for ages so here is one of my advanced combos I feed my hungry step maniacs.

* You can walk the bench in the standard way 2 times OR: Up right on bench regular (1) down left regular (2) heading west step on floor right as you begin to turn around toward east at left side of bench (3) down on floor left as you now face east (4) Same thing on the front of the bench facing east and turning to face west again. You will go all the way around the bench. It's fun! (Cue: Walk or Run)

** Step up right and kick left (1 & 2) immediate lunge with the left toe to floor south side of bench (3) alternate two more lunges front & back (4-8) exit FRONT OF BENCH down down right left on south side of bench (9 & 10) lunge on floor with right toe on south side on bench (11) step down right on floor (12) (Cue: Kick lunge 3, exit front one on floor)

*** Up onto bench left & right (1 & 2) exit north left right

****d-step: hop (1 & 2) straddle down (3 & 4) shuffle turn (5-8) its like you are making a lower case "d"--make the loop then the line.

Hope you can use it. Feel free to ask questions.

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From: Tucson, Arizona (USA)
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