Aquatic Kickboxing Shallow Water

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I teach many types of classes: Kickboxing, Step, Sculpting, Ball, & Aquatics...and find myself mixing & matching my classes. Just the other day I asked my senior aquatic class to take a studio kickboxing class and, as I assumed, no one signed the next class I "empowered" them to take a kickboxing class by modifying my kickboxing routine for my aquatic seniors...they LOVED it!!! (I don't bounce in my Senior Class, but I'm sure you could add move that bounce (Like Jumping Jacks, Scissors, Boxer Shuffle) for more advanced classes.)

I used a 124bpm oldies (50-60s) aerobic CD and got them started.

5 minute warm up

Cardio (32 counts each move)

They are ready for arms at this point

We cool down by walking laps around the pool to the beat making arm circles &/or speed back both forward & backward. (Laps can be done walking forward, backward, on tip toes, like a duck/swan (feet pointing outward), or high knees)

This takes about 1/2 hour...the rest of the hour I used noodles & weights to strenthen the parts of the body (arms, legs, core) that were needed for was basic strenth training, but because they thought it was for kickboxing muscles it was more fun. :-)

The ladies felt tough...and I even had them say "grrrr" while doing jabs. They had a great time with it.

Hope this gives you some ideas! This could be modified a lot of ways, but it's a twist to a regular water class.

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