More Fun Than Washing Dishes

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I was previewing some music yesterday while doing the dishes, and I couldn't seem to stay at the sink. This fairly easy combo is the result; it covers a lot of space, and my class members loved it, even the fussy ones.


Bench is horizontal

Combo ONE

(Repeat left lead)

Combo TWO

(Repeat left lead)


(Repeat left lead)

* Double walkaway: From right corner of the bench, step up right and left (diagonally) walk 2 steps on the floor heading away from the bench, pivot on step 5, walk back to step 6, 7, 8 then do it again facing the back of the room and end up where you started.

** Tic-toc: Low impact version: (1) step up right, (2-6) abduct left, right, left (7, 8) step down left and right. This changes lead feet. High impact: (1) Step up right (2-6) swing legs left, right, left, right, left (7, 8) step down left and right.

Lots of intensity options to offer, such as running the basics, pivoting the first mambo of each pair, curling across the step and back, the triple left extension could be a triple anything, walk around could be calypso... just a fun combo that also weaves well as a final run.

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From: Turin New York (USA)
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