Deep Water Tug-of-War

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 15221)

This is a GREAT cardio work-out and lots of fun as well.

1) Have each person find a partner

2) Each set of partners needs a noodle

3) Make two lines down the pool so that one person from each pair is in each line, across from thier partner. The partners are holding on to the ends of the noodle.... like this:


4) When you yell go, each person tries to pull thier partner to thier edge of the pool. The partners are pulling against each other. We usually do this 3-4 times.

As soon as I say "find a partner and grab a noodle" the class usually lets out a groan and I hear "not tug of war!" but they really love it. They get competitive and laugh so hard. It's a great cardio workout and really works the legs too.

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