Refreshing ab ideas

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 15222)

Just a few ideas of fun ab lifts that can be incorporated. Please email me with any questions and thanks for all of your postings!!

* Plank variations: To make a plank harder, once they can do it on their toes, try lifting one leg off the floor and then the other. Try to bring alternating knees in to chest and back out.Use a wide stance (feet farther apart) to target the lower abs. (a plank is where you support yourself on either knees for easier, or toes for harder, and elbows under shoulders. Cue belly button in to spine,back straight, and don't forget to breathe!!)

*Pulse fun: Hold at normal crunch position (see below), arms extended at sides, parallel to and off of the floor. Pulse here. Extend the legs up so toes are pointing to the ceiling and pulse reaching to the toes. Open the legs wide and take arms (still extended straight) to reach between the legs, arms parallel to the floor and pulse there. That will really target the lower abs. I usually cue "90 degrees, take it up, open and through, back up, down to 90". Great ab work! (Normal crunch position: knees above hips and bent at 90 degrees. Back flat on floor. Arms crossing chest for easier, behind head with elbows out to opposite walls for harder)

*Bicycle variations:Try to cycle backwards, twisting the trunk as a unit. When one leg is extended out, hold it there and pulse it. (A bicycle is where you "push pedals" with your feet. Hands are behind head, elbows out to opposite walls. As one knee comes in towards the chest, the opposite elbow does an oblique crunch so you are lifting elbow towards knee and then switch. The straighter and the closer to the ground the extending leg is, the harder this becomes.)

* Fun with the ball: Start with regular crunches with your feet on top of the ball, ball and yourself on the floor. Ensure that your knees are still at 90 degrees and above your hips. I cue "heels on ball" to remind them. Then take the ball and squeeze it between your feet and do regular crunches. Add a reverse curl squeezing the ball between your feet/calves and butt. Remember to cue "Knees to ceiling" and "concentrate on lifting the hips", as too many people pull knees in to chest and do not get a lift from the hips and butt.

Please let me know if there are any questions and keep crunching!!

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