Quick 32 -- intermediate, tapless

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Hi all, this one will really get your heart rate up. Assume horizontal bench, right lead.

Inside-out V: This is just two reverse V's in a row, over and back. To do reverse V: Right foot comes up to left corner of bench. Left foot follows to right corner (now you're facing back of the room). Right steps down narrow, left steps down narrow.

Flying glutes: Some call this a power leg extension. Right foot on bench, left leg extended, "fly it over" wide, step down left, then right. Sort of like scissors, but going wide.

Across the top: Since this is tapless, do it like a half-revolving door, or basic over, if you like that term better.

Kick and stride: Basically, this is like doing one corner kick and one corner glute, but just using one corner of the bench. To break it down, I usually start with corner to corner kicks, then do one kick, one glute, then keep it on one corner of the bench.

I know, some of this is confusing and I might not be explaining it that well. Please email if you have questions ... enjoy!

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