Sonia's ABC's of Step (Routine MM)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15245)

BaBsic to intermediate level...some moves are standard with a little twist. Horizontal step, tapless, self-reversing, 32 count combinations. Explanations follow routine. Right/left indicates which foot is stepping up first (lead foot).

Horizontal step, tapless, self-reversing, 32 count combinations.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Combo 2

Repeat left

Combo 3

Repeat left

Combo 4

Repeat left

Combo 5

Repeat left


*1a, V-slide:
1,2) step up wide right and left
3) right foot steps down behind the left foot (slide)
4) left foot steps to the floor next to right - you are just off the SW/left corner.

*1b, Hanging V-step:
1,2) do a V-step with the right foot stepping to the narrow end and the left foot stepping wide on the floor
3,4) then step back right and left to where you started on the floor

*2, Hip circle:
1) step up right and start to bring the left knee slightly across the body
2) quickly circle the knee up and out to the side so that you can bring it down on the home side on count 3 (small circle)
3) left foot down on the home side
4) right foot down on the home side

*3, Scissor over the top:
This is a tapless alternative for an over the top...I usually offer this as an option because some people still prefer the tap here!
1) step up right
2) give a little hop on the right foot and swing the left foot behind the right foot
3) step down left on the front
4) step down right on the finish facing the same direction you started from

*4, Broken repeater:
1,2) step up right, lift the left knee
3,4,5) tap the floor 3x (try doing a small semi-circle moving back)...if you keep the right foot solidly on the step then do the taps in the same place on the floor. To add some pep to this do small hops as you tap in three different places (semi-circle back)
6) lift the left knee
7,8) exit left/right

*5, Charleston ski - this can be done fast or slow - these directions are for the slower one.
1) step up left
2) kick the right foot forward
3) step down right
4) lunge the left foot back on the floor
5,6) switch the placement of the feet on the floor
7,8) switch the placement of the feet again
To do the fast ski you would do 4 foot placement switches on 5 - 8.

*6, Water Test
1,2) Walk diagonally on top right/left
3,4,5,6) Dunk the toes in the water (tap the floor!) and pull them out (touch the top of the step!), dunk and pull out again, straddle down right/left.
When you test the water dunk a little bit away from the step so the supporting leg squats slightly.

I hope this is clear. If there is ANYTHING at all that you don't understand please email me!


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