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Here'e some 32 count tapless, self-reversing cardio BOSU combinations that I plan to use this week in class (in other words they haven't been put to practical use yet so who knows if they'll work well)...these combinations could also be used for a step class (some of my participants don't like using the BOSU and will use the step instead and it works). I tried to include detailed explanations of any steps that may be complicated or not self-explanatory, but feel free to email if you have any questions.

Up, hop 3x, exit, jack: step up left (1) hop to right (2) hop to left (3) hop to right (4) exit left, right (5,6) jack (7,8)....like a tick tock or pendulum

Diagonal walk, box cha cha: from a side/diagonal approach, walk up on BOSU right,left (1,2) walk off the front diagonal right, left (3,4) cross right in front of left (5) step out on left...slight turn back towards BOSU (6) cha cha (triple step, whatever) right, left, right (7,&,8). You should be on the left side of the BOSU facing the BOSU/right side of the room

Knee hop up, lunge back: step left (1) lift right knee (2) exit left (3) lunge right back (4)...think charleston with more propulsion on the up/knee (jump) and then really lunge down (I tell them to reach and tape the BOSU)

Repeater knee on top: just alternate 3 knees on top of the BOSU then exit

Triplet around 2x: 2 cha chas or triple steps (left,right,left then right, left, right 1&2, 3&4) moving from behind the BOSU to the front, switch facing (outside on the first triplet, inside on the second)

Walk around: continue circling the BOSU marching 4x left,right,left,right...make one full circle all the way around

Ham curls on the floor: start facing the right wall from the end of the weave, step out onto the right withquarter turn to face front (5) curl left leg (6) step onto left stay facing front (7) curl right leg (8) step onto right leg with quarter turn to face left wall (1) curl left leg (2)

Up 2 hops and exit: from side approach step up onto the BOSU left, right (3,4) two little hops on top...like jumping rope (5,6) exit left, right turning front to repeat the combo on the left (7,8)

Grapevine, mambo: stomp right on the step (1) step out with left (2) cross right behind (3) step out left (4) mambo, rock front and back (5-8)

Mambo, cha cha: rock front right (1) step back left (2) cha cha (triple step, etc) moving back to step right/left/right (3&4)

Jump & stick: just a hamstring curl but jumping onto the BOSU on the 1 and holding 2 exiting 3,4 as normal

Charleston, 2 lunges: charleston kick (1-4) 2 plyometric lunges...jumping into the air and landing in a deep lunge, switching leading legs ....can be replaced with 4 skis

L-step with rock back: step right on BOSU (1) lift left knee (2) step left on floor (3) rock back...cross right behind left (&) shift weight back to left (4) step right on BOSU (5) lift left knee (6) exit left/right (7,8)

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