Kick With The Step

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I'm always trying to throw new class formats for my participants, and we tried this class using the steps the other day, and it was a sweatfest!

Just start with a basic after the warm-up, and then:

Step right, knee strike left, step down left, touch right, repeat (several reps). This can be done without the step also for those who wish not to use it.

Add a right punch when you touch right, so it's step, knee strike left, down and punch right (several reps)

Then, add two double round blocks on the floor on counts 6 and 8, so altogether: step, knee strike left (2), punch right (4), 2 double round blocks (6, 8). After several reps, make it a double round block, then a squat. Repeat the 8 counts several times, and let's move on.

Then, add an over-the-top step move, so it's over-the-top right leg leading and make sure to use the short side of the step first so it's easier to follow. Then, move back with the left leg leading.

Here we go: step, knee strike (2), down and punch (4), double round block (6), squat (7,8), over-the-top (9-12), over-the-top (13-16) which brings you back to the starting position and turn facing the step.

After several reps, add hook with the inside arm when going over-the-top, so if you're leading with the right leg, then hook on count 12 with the left arm. When you return over-the-toop with the left leg leading, you'll hook with the right arm on count 16 and be immediately ready to step up with the right leg on count 1 again.

The whole thing with several reps (depending on how many you do) takes about 6 or 7 minutes, so then starting on the opposite leg, this whole combination takes about 12-14 minutes.

Then, when adding the kicks, we start with a similar pattern: step, front snap kick, down and touch. After several reps, add that punch with the kick. Step right, snap kick left, step down left, punch right (1-4). Then, just on the floor, I have them squat, then kick right, then squat, kick left. Make sure they don't leave out the opposite side then, with the step, kick, down and punch.

Then, with the side kick, we come to the short end of the step on the left side, step up with the right foot and side kick left. Make sure that right foot is angled away from the body. Again, members don't have to use the step here if they don't want to. Then, they can add a hook, so it's step up right, side kick left, step down left, hook right, and repeat several times.

My class always uses the rehearsal effect, so everything we did at the beginning, will come back later with the kicks. Then, I added the over-the-top move with the side kick, so it's over-the-top lengthwise (1,2), step down and touch (3,4) leading with the right foot, step up with the left foot (5) and side kicking right on count 6, step down with the right foot (7), and touch with the left foot (8). Now move back with the left leg leading and shuffle over-the-top, come down, step up with the right foot, side kick with the left, step down with the left foot, and touch right.

Then, I used the final kick, the round kick, and made sure to remind members to pivot, which the step allows. So, start with two double round blocks (1,3), step up right (4), round kick left (5), step down left (6), prepare for opposite side (7,8), round blocks (9,11), step up left (12), round kick right (13), step down right (14), prepare for the opposite side now (15,16). Then, add the knee strike when coming down: 2 double round blocks, step up right, round kick left, step down left, knee strike right. The knee strike is on count 7. Then, alternate it. They have time to think and you to cue when they're doing the two double round blocks to prepare the combination for the opposite side.

Some great combinations for this class: 1) Step right (1), front snap kick left (2), step down (3), punch right (4), slow squat down and up (6,8). You can alternate this combination or keep starting it with the right foot stepping up.

2) Leading with the right foot either on the short or long end of the step: Over-the-top (1,2), step down (3), touch (4), step up with the left foot (5), side kick right (6), step down right (7), hook left (8). Head back with the left foot leading and alternate the pattern.

Here's a combination using the various kicks:

3) Double round block (1), step up right (2), left round kick (3), step down left (4), front snap kick right on the floor (5), then punch left (7). I wouldn't alternate this combination unless you have a more advanced class--they're like to get confused. So, start it with the left round kick several times after the double round block, and then after 12-16 reps of this 8-count combination, try it stepping up with the left foot, round kicking right, etc.

I have other combinations and add-ons if anyone is interested.

This is just a fun little new format you can try in your class. Mine loved it, as they're always up for something different.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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From: Bloomington, Illinois (USA)
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