Noodle Buddies

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 15257)

Just love visit this site for new ideas! Each participant has their own noodle and a partner (buddy). They stand in the center of the pool facing each other and holding each others noodle (I hold my noodle in my left hand and my partner holds MY noodle in her right hand and the same with my partner's noodle).

The whole time, they are pusing and pulling the noodles. To make it more advanced have the students keep the noodles under the water.

This pattern can be repeated with knee lifts, kicks (in various direction), & curls.

You can also do this with side steps (I have the students hold the noodles under water the whole time)
Side step 4x right,left,right,left
Right foot lead rocking horse* (pushing and pulling, arms together)
Repeat pattern with left foot lead on the rocking horse)

* This takes a bit of time to get coordinated, so give the students a bit of time to get used to it before you move them forward or backwards.

Keep splashin'

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