Teeter Totter

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15258)

Lead with right foot first

* With the grapevine start at "A" stepping left and down at a diagonal to "B" then grapevine with a right lead to "C" ready to step up with the left for the inner thigh repeater.

            - A
- B   ========
            - C

* Freeway - With a right foot lead go over the top and then turn away from the board in a half circle to the right to be ready for a right foot lead over again.

** Teeter Totter - A repeater outer thigh using both legs. So its step up with right (1), left outer (2), left down (3), right outer over board (4), right on board (5), left outer (6), left down (7), right down (8).

Have fun with it.

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