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Two quick intermediate 32's, tapless and self-reversing. I usually crossphrase a bit more, but this is pretty fun regardless. Please email me for breakdowns, with questions, etc.

Block 1:

*Turning L- this is essentially a tapless L-step with 3 alternating knee lifts, except it also adds a direction change. Counts 1 and 2 are the same as a regular L-step, and on count 3, you (assuming right lead) begin turning clockwise as the left foot exits the bench, continue turning as the right foot comes to the floor for count 4. You should have turned halfway around by now to be facing the back and can finish the L-step with the left foot on the skinny end of the bench (5), right knee lifting (6) and exiting right, left (7, 8).

**4 peater cha cha- a 4 knee repeater with a little twist. After knee #2, the left foot will tap the floor as far away from the step as is comfy, then close to the bench (still on the floor), then back to farther away, then one last knee lift and exit. This produces an "out, in, out" effect like a cha cha. It replaces the third knee lift.

Block #2:

***Weave over- First four counts are the weave/scissor over, then keep turning toward the front of the room with the body, stepping on the floor to the front with the left foot (count 5) while the right foot lifts off the floor, step back down with the right (count 6- this is your mambo), turn back toward the step and counts 7 and 8 are the ball change/ cha cha cha. You're facing the back of the room, still on the right lead.

****Overturn lunge- essentially a split basic, but will get you back to front facing. First two counts are that of a revolving door, then lunge down right and left and exit to face the front again.

*****Turnstep rock- Counts 1 and 2 are the same as a regular turnstep (right, left). For count 3, the right foot exits the bench (like a rock back) and the left foot lifts, STILL over the step. Then the left foot comes back up to the step (count 4) as if to turnstep on the other lead, right foot follows in the turnstep (5). Count 6 has the left foot exiting to the floor and 7 and 8 are a mambo back (right, left).

For the hamstring repeater, I usually add a switch curl and a knee lift (counts 1 and 2 are the switch curl, 3 and 4 the exit/knee lift over the step, and then a ham curl with a hop/propulasion to get you home) but of course that's optional :)

I just realized there's a lot more here than I thought! Kinda sneaky on my part. Hope you can use some...


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From: Manassas Park, Virginia (USA)
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