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Here's the breakdown for the second 32 counts of my combination. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Concerns? Insults? Bring it on!




The first 32 counts form a self-reversing combination, so my goal now is to teach a 16 count portion block of the second 32 counts in a way that I can "add it on" to the first 32 counts and stay self-reversing.

New layer: [Right lead] double stomp (5), [Left lead] single stomp (3), [Right lead] step kick (4), [Left lead] basic (4) = 16, self-reversing. I have, on occasion, started out this breakdown by repeating the first 8 counts (double stomp and single stomp) 3 times for 24 counts, and then added the step kick and basic for a 32 count block, but my goal is to make this block only 16 counts. Eventually, I layer in an outside step on the double stomp, which I call a "double wide stomp". Assuming a right lead, it's:

At this point, I let my class know that they will do the same 4 movements that they just learned, but in a different order. I let them know that they will be thrown off the beat, and to just let their bodies "feel" it. The new order is: [Right lead] double wide stomp (5), [Left lead] step kick (4), [Right lead] single stomp (3), [Left lead] basic (4) = 16, self-reversing.

The next layer is to walk back and "karate kick" on the floor instead of doing a step kick on beats 6-9. If you do the double wide stomp on a right lead, it looks like this:

An option for all the divas is to add an outside turn (counter-clockwise if right lead on double wide stomp) starting on beat 4 which turns you around 360 degrees before kicking on beat 7. Encourage them to use their arms in a preparatory manner on beats 1-3 to get their bodies fully turned around by beat 7.

The next layer is one where I will tell them that I'm changing things, but that I need them to watch the layer while they do what they've already learned. The new layer is: [Right lead] double wide stomp (3), [Left lead] 3 count turn on floor (3), [Right lead] karate kick (1), [Right lead] walk back to step (2), [Right lead] shuffle over (3), [Right lead] propulsive ham curl over the step (called a "switch curl") (4) = 16, self-reversing. At this point, I would probably add an additional 16 counts of "brain break"--for this segment, I'd probably do glute squeezes or something.

Let them practice this new layer for awhile. Normally, I'd encourage participants who are not interested in the new layer to stay with the single stomp and basic, but that will cause some difficulties later on the combination because the "switch curl" is NOT going to stay in the combination. There will be something new coming in at beat 13 and it will be bad if those who chose not to shuffle over are stuck on the back side of the step with a left leg lead while those who chose to shuffle over will be on the front side of the step with a right leg lead. Note that by changing the single stomp to a shuffle over, I changed the self-reversing element (single stomp reverses, shuffle over does not reverse); that was why I added the "switch curl" to replace the basic (since the switch curl reverses, while the basic does not reverse). So, I guess what I'm saying is try to get all of your participants to attempt and (we hope) be successful in the shuffle over.

At this point, I want to connect this segment to the first 32 counts. Mechanically, we will do the first 32 counts, which will self-reverse us. Then we will do this 16 count self-reversing segment twice, which after 64 counts, will equal one 64 count, self-reversing combination. It looks like this: [Right lead] First 32 counts starting with reverse knee hop (32), [Left lead] double wide stomp (3), [Right lead] 3 count turn on floor (3), [Left lead] karate kick (1), [Left lead] walk back to step (2), [Left lead] shuffle over step (3), [Left lead] switch curl over (4), [Right lead] double wide stomp (3), [Left lead] 3 count turn on floor (3), [Right lead] karate kick (1), [Right lead] walk back to step (2), [Right lead] shuffle over step (3), [Right lead] switch curl over (4) = 64, self-reversing.

This allows your participants to connect the "Chicago" stomps with the double wide stomp.

The next block to create feels weird at first, but it gets better quickly (so tell them that they'll stumble a few times, and that it's ok! :-) ). The block is: [Right lead] double wide stomp (4), [Right lead] step touch on floor 3x (6), [Left lead] 2 alternating single stomps (6) = 16, self-reversing. NOTE the number of counts on the double stomp--it's only 4 counts because the fifth count is the first part of the step touch on the floor.

Layer in little shuffles on the floor in place of the 3 step touches (think or say "cha-cha-cha" to help get the rhythm). I usually go back and add in my 16 count "brain break" before introducing the next layer, since I'll want them to have time to register the change I'm about to introduce.

While they run the above block, demo traveling on the 3 floor shuffles. These shuffles will go around the side of the step and will place you on the front side ready to do the 2 alternating single stomps. With the "brain break" of 4 alternating glute squeezes, this is still 32 counts, and self-reversing. Note that they will need to watch you do this 2 times before you are back on the back side of the step with them, so make sure they don't try to join you after one demo, or you will all be going in opposite directions. Also note that you will do one-half turn while shuffling around the step.

If the divas still aren't satisfied, change the second and third floor shuffles to 4 marches. Your momentum from the first floor shuffle should allow you to do 2 additional turns while marching these 4 counts. It sounds harder than it actually is, and it's really a lot of fun (as long as it doesn't make you dizzy!!!)--so give it a try!.

Now it's time to attach this to the rest of the combination. At this point, you are removing the switch curl after the shuffle over. TELL YOUR PARTICIPANTS THIS!!! You will be much more successful if you let them know that they will be doing the double wide stomp/shuffle sequence right after the shuffle over. The combo now looks like: [Right lead] First 32 counts, [Left lead] double wide stomp (3), [Right lead] 3 count turn on floor (3), [Left lead] karate kick (1), [Left lead] walk back to step (2), [Left lead] shuffle over (3), [Left lead] double wide stomp (4), [Left lead] shuffle on floor (2), [Right lead] 4 marches around step with 2 "diva" spins (4), [Right lead] 2 alternating single stomps (6), [Right lead] step knee (4) = 64, self-reversing.

The step knee is there only to make sure that you still stay self-reversing on the 64 counts.

One final block, if you'd like, or you can stop with the above, if time's running out. New block: [Right lead] 2 knee repeater (6), [Left lead] basic (4), [Left lead] 2 alternating stomps (6) = 16, self-reversing. Optional layer is to make the basic a full reverse turn.

The final layer is to change the 2 knee repeater to a shuffle on step/reverse turn/back mambo as follows:

At one point, I considered trying to break this down without turns and only introducing foot strike and placement, and eventually decided against it. So, your participants' options are:

And that's the combination! Connect the shuffle on step/reverse turn/back mambo to the 4 marches/2 "diva" spins, and you've got it!

Thanks to everyone who's sent me feedback--your feedback has helped me write these posts in a way that I hope will be helpful to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Nate :-)

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