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Right lead

Block 1

There is an extra 8 count in this first pattern, it will be made up in the last pattern. You are now on a left lead so I will repeat the above a few times on both leads before adding the second pattern.

Block 2

Facing front left lead

You are now on a right lead so i repaeat the combo on the opposit lead and then do it a few more times on each lead. I then add it to block one.

Block 3

Right lead

** This is where that extra 8 count from the first block is made up, so you should be on beat!

From this point I would do this combo on the other lead, and when everyone is ready I thread all three combos. I teach it by doing combo 1, right into combo 2 without having done combo 1 on the other lead, and then right into combo three. Done like this you should end up on the opposite lead to begin from the top with the double knee repeat. You would enter the double knee repeat right from the straddle of the last three knee repeat.

* Turn straddle, shuffle turn, double heel repeat, walk around:
Just remind class that the shuffle on the step is done right from the straddle position. Also remind them that the shuffle turn has you facing the oppsite direction from where you started the shuffle.

From there you do a double hamstring repeat, you walk around the bench facing the wall you do the double hamstring on. The counts are left foot on bench (1), repeat hamcurl (2,3,4) walk on right foot first wide around corner of bench, right, left, right, left (5,6,7,8) you should now be on the opposite side of the bench with a right lead.

* Hot Potato:
It is basically three reverse turns with a stomp on the floor. So here are the counts: reverse, right foot on step (1), left foot on step (2), come down on the right foot (3), pick up the left, but do not remove it from over the step, then step back up into another reverse turn, left foot (4), right on step (5), left foot onto floor (6) step back up onto the right into another reverse turn (7), left on step (8) the repeat the right knee facing the east (8)

I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think! I borrowed lots from here, thanks for all the help! email me with any questions!

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From: Cranston, Rhode Island (USA)
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